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It’s no secret that secondary education is expensive. And many parents with juniors and seniors may find themselves overwhelmed as their child begins to plan for college. Our college planning workshops can give you key information you need to prepare for the financial cost of college.

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About College Craig

Kids going off to college? It might be new to you, but it is not a new thing. Kids have been heading off to college for decades… but the way you plan for it can make all the difference in the world.

The whole process is different than what it was 20-30 years ago. A college dollar is now in constant competition with a retirement dollar and we need to plan more efficiently. The student loan debt crisis affects about two in three college seniors.

Craig believes that the right student, attending the right school, for the right degree program helps to define success, but paying for it can be a huge financial burden. The ever-changing dynamics of the process necessitate not only client education, but a new focus on saving money too.

His goal is to help families reduce the cost of education and taxes, while increasing cash flow and money set aside for retirement. When these areas align themselves, you can have more money, more time and more fun.

Your Kids Are Ready for College.
Are You?
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We Help Make College Planning Easy!
Our Services Helps Parents and Students With Some Of Their Biggest Concerns
Missing Costly Deadlines

Application Deadlines: Early decision, Early action, Rolling, Regular Essay Deadlines, Financial Aid Deadlines, Acceptance Financial Aid Deadlines

Making Mistakes

Mistakes can cause paperwork to get unapproved and slow processes.

Time Management

After work, after school, after sports,

after dinner, after kids go to bed…

A Plan To Pay

Setting up a strategic budget to pay for education
means securing your future.

Admission Risk

The admission process is getting more
and more complicated and competitive.

Financial Aid Mistakes

The Financial Aid process is tricky
Simple mistakes could be detrimental to your finances.